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Boost Your Home’s Appeal Without Busting Your Budget

Five inexpensive ways to update your home's decor for the new year.

Boost Your Home’s Appeal Without Busting Your Budget

Fake plants. Painted furniture. Brass fixtures. 

It may sound like a bad home makeover but these are a few of the decor ideas Interior Designer Kristine Robinson said can update your home’s look and improve your mood.

“If you wake up every morning in a room that brings you joy, makes you happy, that makes you feel good, awake and alive, that’s powerful,” said Robinson of href=””>Robinson Interiors in Jenkintown. Robinson compiled photos of her ideas “at work” on this Pinterest page

You can watch my interview with Robinson in this Facebook video: 


Robinson recommended replacing dusty, discolored and dated fake plants with new and “fresh” pieces. “There are silk plants and there are silk plants,” said Robinson, who recommended spending more to buy “quality greenery” rather than settling for cheaper pieces. Robinson prefers real plants because they add “life” to a room. 

Other ideas include buying new artwork to replace faded pieces, painting wooden case pieces bright colors and changing hardware on doors and cabinets.

Many designers and homeowners are choosing brushed metals, but believe it or not, brass is making a comeback. Warm brass that is. Don’t be confused, this is not your grandmother’s shiny brass from the ’80s.

Another retro trend, barrel lamp shades, has become all the rage. Replacing darker, curved shades for crisp, white, barrel-shaped ones can instantly brighten and modernize a room, according to Robinson. 

Depending on your home, taste and ambition, Robinson said you can implement each of these ideas for less than $100. That’s not a bad investment, especially if you’re staging your home to place on the market.

 Whatever your motivation, keep in mind that boosting your home’s appeal doesn’t have to bust your budget. 


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