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Winter Is The New Spring. Time To Sell Your House.

Plenty of Buyers and Little Inventory Is Good News For Sellers This Winter

Winter Is The New Spring. Time To Sell Your House.

There’s snow on the ground and your holiday decorations aren’t yet packed away but it’s time to start thinking about spring. The spring housing market, that is. And you may be surprised to learn it starts well before the last flake has fallen.

In fact, buyers were out in force after this year’s FIRST flakes fell.

This past Sunday, a day after a snow storm, more than a dozen different groups stopped by an open house I hosted in Glenside. That’s a good number for an open house in June. That’s an incredible number for an open house in January. From my conversations with them, most seem be motivated and ready to buy the “right” home right NOW! The problem is there are slim pickings –a perfect opportunity for homeowners who’ve been waiting to sell. 

According to TREND Multi Listing Service, more single family homes in Montgomery County went under contract in February and March 2016, 725 and 1,011 respectively, than the same two months in the previous nine years. That means people started house hunting earlier last year and the trend seems to be continuing this year.

Savvy sellers may be able to use this to their advantage by listing their home in winter when there are eager buyers and fewer houses from which they can choose. 

Traditionally, sellers thought they should put their house on the market in spring, when sprouting “For Sale” signs are almost as plentiful as blooming flowers. However, sellers who buck that trend and list in the dead of winter, may benefit because there’s much less competition –fewer homes against which a seller has to compete. If the basic economic concept of supply and demand holds true in this instance, a seller may be able to demand a higher price. 


If  you’re thinking of selling your current home, contact a Realtor ® and ask for a complimentary comparative price analysis. A CMA is an examination of the prices at which similar properties in the same area recently sold. It can help you determine a list price for your home. If you’d like me to conduct a CMA for you, click here. 

Next, begin decluttering and making those repairs you’ve been putting off. Why wait for the first warm weekend to become Mr. or Ms. Fix-It? A Realtor ® would be happy to visit and offer advice on what you should and shouldn’t do to prepare your home. You don’t want to spend more money than you could recoup when you sell. 

There are a lot of factors that go into selling a house and no Realtor ® can guarantee how quickly an individual property will sell or for what price. But listing your home in winter could be an opportunity worth exploring. I have at least 10 clients right now actively looking to buy. Perhaps yours could be their home sweet home.


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